• Fresh Farm Company

  • Specialized in importing table eggs

  • The only agents of the Ukrainian company Avengard Co

  • Our values, integrity, quality and reliability

  • Packaging by the latest means do not touch hands

  • Our production is subject to the strictest laboratory tests


Fresh Farm Company is an Iraqi company registered with the Registrar of Companies. We specialize in importing table eggs and we are the only agents in Iraq for Ukrainian company Avangardco


Success is more than just stats


Integrity – Quality – Reliability

Founded in 2003 as Avangardco, it is the largest company in the production of table eggs and dry egg products in Ukraine and all of Europe. The company owns the largest number of laying hens in Europe as well as the latest production lines and facilities in Ukraine.
Avangardko is the largest Ukrainian company exporting table eggs and dry eggs. Within a decade, the company processed high quality fresh products to its customers all over the world, including the company’s main markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the region of the former Soviet republics.
Avangardco has become an integrated company and operates a comprehensive production cycle where the company owns feed mills, hatchery machines and egg production fields as well as the company has two integrated lines for poultry complexes and biogas and storage facilities in the long term as well as a factory to produce food derived from eggs
The company employs all modern means of production to ensure the safety and quality of its products
The selection of modern technologies and vertical integration has allowed Avangardco to maintain the competitive cost of production and the competitive prices of its products.
Avangardko is proud today that it has the most efficient means of production and the latest advanced industrial techniques in the field of egg production in Ukraine and Europe.